Are You Shipping Containerised Commodities?

BISON Container Scales are the perfect solution for optimizing payloads of containerised cargo. You will:

  • Maximise revenue from each container
  • Lower shipping costs
  • Stop shipping overweight containers
  • Eliminate weighbridge detours and fees
  • Avoid re-loading and re-weighing

Unlike other check weighing methods, BISON Container Scales allow you to accurately weigh the entire container, in real time, as the container is loaded. 

  • More accurate tare weights - weigh the empty container, liners and dunnage and get a precise tare and target weight before loading.
  • Real time measurement - get a real time view of the net payload, gross weight and loading progress.
  • Know exactly when you hit the mark - the wireless display tells you exactly when the optimal weight is reached.

And if you are shipping liquid cargo in flexitanks, use the weight and liquid density to calculate and optimize the volumetric payload during loading.

Stop guessing the weight or volume of your containerised cargo and start delivering optimized payloads every time.

Exporter Cuts Shipping Costs

BlueSky Meats were loading container loads of bone meal "by eye" at their plant. With the nearest weighbridge 30km away, the company incurred costs from overweight and under loaded containers. 

BlueSky Meats adopted BISON C-Legs and now maximise revenue from each container load of bone meal. Haulage costs are streamlined. Weighbridge fees have been eliminated. Returns, re-work and scheduling delays are now avoided.

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Exporter Increases Profits

Seafood exporter Talley's wanted to optimize container loads of fish oil in flexitanks. Containers were sometimes dispatched up to 2,000 litres underloaded. Flow metres were inaccurate. Check weighing at a weighbridge disrupted the loading process, adding costs and causing delays. Talley's invested in a set of BISON C-Jacks and now optimise flexitank loads of fish oil during loading. By weighing the container in real time, Talley's have increased profitability, reduced shipping costs and eliminated delays.

Read the full case study here...

Hidden costs of Underloading

If you are under loading your containers, you are paying more in shipping costs than you need to!

When you think of each individual container load, the cost may not seem high, however the aggregate cost over the course of a year can be staggering.

Think, if you could safely increase the payload of each container by 10%, you would ship 10% less containers per year. If you shipped 200 containers in a season, at an average shipping cost of $2,000 per container, underloading by 10% costs your business $40,000 each season.

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Maximise Revenue

Optimise the payload and realise more revenue per container

Lower Shipping Costs

Increase the payload by 10% and ship 10% less containers

Avoid Overloading

Eliminate the risk and high one off costs of shipping overweight containers

Eliminate Re-Work

Avoid the costs of re-loading and re-weighing containers

No weighbridge fees

Eliminate costs and delays of weighing at a weighbridge

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