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Modnpods x Bison 2

Custom Modular Solutions Lift ModnPods' Growth

Bison Group

16 Oct 4 Minutes

Customer Stories

Introducing ModnPods

ModnPods, a pioneer in innovative modular pod solutions, underwent a significant operational transformation, with the help of a strategic collaboration with Bison. Our customized modular unit handling solution, significantly enhanced efficiency, scalability, and return on investment for the company.

Founded in 2015 on the Gold Coast in Australia, ModnPods began with shipping containers and transitioned into architecturally designed, environmentally conscious prefabricated modular pods. With rapid growth ambitions, ModnPods expanded from a smaller facility to an 8,000 square meter space, aiming for a substantial increase in pod production.

Crane Hire Disruptions

Paul Bochniak, General Manager of Manufacturing at ModnPods, elaborated on the challenges they faced during their growth phase. He highlighted the disruptions and significant costs associated with their former production environment, especially during the shipping phase, which required large crane hire every few weeks.

Paul stressed, "The crane hire was a substantial cost and logistical issue for us. The disruption to our operations and the neighborhood wasn’t sustainable. I knew that we wouldn't be able to work in the environment where we had a crane every three or four days on site. It also wasn't a cost-effective model for our planned growth."

Modnpods x Bison 3

Solution Created Through Collaboration

Seeking an alternative solution, Paul turned to Bison. Collaborating with Bison's technical experts and ModnPods' engineering team, they customized Bison's C-Lift A Series to address the unique requirements of lifting the delicate modular pods, aiming to circumvent the challenges posed by crane dependency.

According to Paul, "We needed a solution that eliminated the headaches caused by cranes. Bison's C-Lift A Series, though initially designed for shipping containers, required modifications to ensure a seamless lifting process without any disruptions or additional costs."

Traditionally, the Bison C-Lift connects to a container in the corner castings. The modular lifting solution connects to a beam attached to the bottom of the modular pod, ensuring the pods are not damaged during a lift. When outlining the investment with the board, Paul says, “I built a business case to go to our board to get the approval to invest in a Bison C-Lift and the board approved it within 30 seconds. The payoff was under 12 months.”

Modnpods x Bison 5

Results and Impact

This specialized handling solution allowed ModnPods to transition smoothly towards their output goals of 200 pods per year, without the disruptions and additional costs previously incurred due to crane dependency.

Paul Bochniak highlighted, "The modified Bison C-Lift A Series eliminated the need for cranes, reducing our operational costs. It enabled us to move to a daily pod shipment schedule, enhancing our overall efficiency."

Reflecting on the collaboration, Paul emphasized, "Bison's adaptable handling solution effectively eliminated the disruptions and costs we faced with cranes. The relationship has been great. Their willingness to modify their equipment proved crucial in streamlining our operations, making our growth plans more sustainable and cost-effective."

Modnpods x Bison 4

Value We Delivered

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Save $50,000/Year In Crane Hire

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Avoid Delays And Downtime

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Improve Worker Safety


Easy to relocate and set up


32 tonne lift capacity