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Kiwi Roofing

Innovative roll-forming machine mobilized with the Bison C-Lift T Series

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25 May 4 Minutes

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Introducing Kiwi Roofing

Kiwi Roofing, a leading commercial roofing company in New Zealand, has served the industry for over 25 years. With a focus on large-scale projects, the company provides roof manufacturing and installation services for construction companies across the Auckland region.

Always an industry innovator, Kiwi Roofing eliminated the need to make roofing at its factory by creating an on-site solution - installing a roll-forming machine inside a 40-foot container. Roll-forming at the construction site allows roof sheet lengths of up to 100m which simplifies building design and reduces installation and transportation costs. But this smart innovation led to a new challenge - how to move and position the 40-foot machine efficiently at and between sites?

An innovative solution that does two jobs in one

Bison's C-Lift T Series proved to be the perfect fit for Kiwi Roofing's needs. “There are a few challenges… We don't always have the amount of room on site to use traditional container handling like cranes.”, says Paul Connell, Managing Director of Kiwi Roofing.

The T Series is permanently attached to each corner of Kiwi Roofing's 40-foot container. With the T Series, Kiwi Roofing could lift the container 1.6 meters in the air, allowing a trailer to drive underneath for transportation to different sites. The system's stability and maneuverability impressed the truck drivers, who found it easy to operate and were amazed by its efficiency. “Another challenge we needed to overcome was leveling the plant, as building sites are often not level. The Bison T-Series is an innovative solution that does two jobs in one.”

Bison's team was responsive and actively involved in developing a solution tailored to their requirements. The equipment proved to be highly reliable and user-friendly. Even when faced with unforeseen challenges, such as the theft of a remote control, Bison responded promptly, providing a replacement within 24 hours. “I highly recommend Bison to other businesses in similar industries. I believe that Bison's equipment offers exceptional quality, reliability, and efficiency”, says Paul. “I envision other businesses with valuable container assets and frequent site movements benefiting from the innovative Bison equipment.”

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Value We Delivered

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Eliminate Crane Hire


Self levelling control system

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Process Cargo At Ground Level

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Improve Worker Safety

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Handle Heavy Containers

A perfect fit for Kiwi Roofing's needs

With the C-Lift T Series, Kiwi Roofing enjoys easy container movements and site access. The system lifts the container 1.6m in the air, allowing a trailer to drive directly underneath and transport it to its next stop. No cranes or side loaders are needed. Whatsmore, the self-leveling legs are perfect for leveling and stabilizing the plant on rough building site surfaces, ensuring safe and reliable operation.

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“It's highly simplistic and that's what we love about it and the truck drivers love it. A lift only takes around 10 minutes. The Bison team was extremely interactive in the development of something that suited our needs. Great service!”

- Paul Connell, Managing Director of Kiwi Roofing