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BlueScope Lysaght Indonesia

Steel Product Manufacturer Improves HSE and Cuts Crane Hire Costs

Bison Group

9 May 4 Minutes

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Introducing BlueScope Lysaght Indonesia

BlueScope Lysaght Indonesia (BlueScope) is a company that specializes in providing the construction industry with on-site solutions through the use of steel rollformer machines equipped with the latest technology from Australia. They have four factories and warehouses in Indonesia, located in Jakarta, Surabaya, Medan, and Makassa, as well as other locations in Asia, including Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam.

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Reliance On Mobile Crane Hire

To handle their 16-tonne shipping containers at their Surabaya site, Bluescope previously had to hire a 50-tonne mobile crane. The reason for the additional weight rating was that they loaded the roof steel structures indoors, and the angle of the crane boom had to be at a very low angle because of the low ceiling height. This meant that the crane took up a lot of space inside their plant, making it difficult to plan and execute un/loading.

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ROI Within A Year

Hiring out a crane also involved attaching supporting equipment like chains and hooks. This was done by operators having to climb on top of the container roof, posing a dangerous challenge as working at height was not always safe.

After investing in the Bison C-Lift A32 equipment, it is pleasing to report that the loading of Bluescope’s retail, roof steel structures on-site is now an easier and safer process to conduct. The Bison equipment provides a container un/loading function with limited space requirements. The Bison A32 model is also portable. Bluescope have used the lifting equipment off-site at a client construction site, where they un/loaded a Steel Roll machine (weighing 24 tonnes) that manufactures long 40 metre steel lengths. These lengths can then be put directly on the roof or stored at the client site, taking the headache away of transporting 40 metre steel lengths.

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The Bison C-Lift A32 has provided BlueScope with:

  • An improvement to their working environment, by providing operators a safer option to not work at height.
  • A C-Lift system that allows an easy container un/loading process in a small warehouse, where space is limited.
  • Considerable cost savings, as they have calculated the Bison C-Lift A32 to provide a break-even or ROI after one year of service. The good news is the product life cycle for the Bison equipment is a good ten-plus years, so their investment will pay for itself many times over.
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“Bison provides us with a solution to allow for safer loading on the ground and has eliminated the need for our operators to work at height”

— Pawit Ajie – Manufacturing Manager, NS BlueScope Lysaght Indonesia