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Aztec Services WLL

HVAC Service Provider Eliminates Weighbridge Hassles and Improves Accuracy

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18 Jan 3 minutes

Customer Stories, Weighing

Introducing Aztec Services

Aztec Services W.L.L (Aztec) is a leading industrial service provider in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Part of their extensive offering is HVAC services, including importing and selling refrigerants. They help clients fulfil their need for various types of virgin refrigerants like CFCs, HCFCs, and HFCs, that are filled into refillable cylinders.

The refrigerants are imported from the USA and India in ISO tanks and then transferred into storage tanks at Aztec's facility. Not all of the refrigerant is transferred at once, so Aztec needs to weigh the ISO tanks accurately to determine how much of this valuable commodity remains inside the tank.

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Weighing ISO Tanks At Weighbridges Not Accurate

Previously, Aztec would have the ISO tanks collected from their facility and hauled to at a local weigh bridge for weighing.

Not only was this process time consuming and tedious, it was highly inaccurate as there was no way to determine the exact tare weight of the truck and trailer at the same time as the ISO tank was weighed. Given the high value and relative light weight of the gas inside the tank, this imprecise process was not good for inventory management or accounting.

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Portable Container Scales Deliver Better Accuracy & Control

Aztec researched the market for a possible solution, which led them to Bison C-Jacks. With this portable container weighing solution, Aztec can now weigh ISO tanks inside their facility, anytime, without having to haul the container to a weigh bridge.

Bison C-Jacks are accurate to +/-0.2%, giving Aztec a precise gross weight every time. After subtracting the tare weight of the ISO tank, the team can calculate exactly how much residual refrigerant sits inside the tank.

The scales synch with an easy-to-use smart phone App that produces an instant digital weight record which can be emailed from the workshop floor.

Bringing container weighing in-house has turned a once time consuming and tedious offsite job into a seamless part of Aztec’s day-to-day processes. With Bison C-Jacks, Aztec are more efficient and have much better control of their valuable gas inventory.

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“Bison has delivered on all of our needs and we are extremely happy indeed to Bison for manufacturing and supplying such a wonderful user-friendly product. Sincere thanks and appreciation to Bison for their excellent sales & support which is highly remarkable.”

— P.A.Menon, Technical Manager, Aztec Services W.L.L