How Much Gas Is In the Tank?

With BISON weighing systems, you can accurately measure and report the weight and volume of gas and liquids in cryogenic and ISO tanks. 

Precision measurement 

OIML certified with accuracy levels up to +/- 0.2%, BISON gives you a precise measurement without the margin of error that comes with other methods.

Take the scales to the Container

Running your ISO tank to a truck scale costs you time and money. With BISON, you can take the scales to the container and get an accurate measure in minutes.

Digital Weight Records

Capture the weight, date, time, location and related information on your smart phone and send digital weight records directly to your IT system. 

Better Accounting

Better accuracy and more regular weighing translates into better accounting for inventory. The more valuable your product, the bigger the improvement. 

Use C-Lifts to Offload ISO Tanks Anywhere, Anytime

New Solutions New Opportunities

If you are managing gases or liquids in ISO tanks, BISON container lift systems present new opportunities to save money and improve asset utilisation. 


Handle ISO tanks in areas that don't have an overhead gantry crane, heavy handling equipment or reinforced concrete surface. 

Eliminate chassis HIRE CHARGES

Put the tank on the ground and cut overheads by eliminating chassis detention fees. Fill and decant ISO tanks in your own time.

Back up other equipment

Build redundancy into your operation without the high capital and maintenance costs of heavy container handling equipment.

Real Customers Real Results

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