Transform your forklift into a heavy container handling machine

With the fully automated C-Lift X Series, all you need is a light fork truck to handle the heaviest containers. Taking just 5 - 10 minutes for one worker to set up and transfer the container between the chassis and the ground, the X Series is an ideal solution for import and export operations. No dock, no reinforced concrete surface, no heavy reach stacker or similar equipment required.

  • 40 tonne lift capacity
  • Works on rough and uneven surfaces
  • Safe operation by wireless handheld remote
  • Runs off single phase power supply
  • Handles all ISO containers, including high cubes

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X Series Specifications

Standard Components
4 x automated lift columns with integrated power pack
1 x wireless remote control
Assorted accessories
Optional Extras
Weight sensors
Power upgrade
High / low temp upgrades
Service kit
PVC storage covers
Lift Capacity
40,000 kg (88,000 lb)
Lift Height
170 cm (67 in)
Leg Weight
400 kg (880 lb)
Reversing Clearance
60 cm (24 in)
Minimum Operators
Deploy and attach legs with light forklift
Dual forklift pockets for handling from side or rear
Fully automated lift system
Controlled by wireless remote
Soft start & stop for smooth lifting
Automated load sensing, tilt control and synchronisation
Power Supply
207 - 240 VAC, single-phase, 50 - 60 Hz
Standard model, 4 x 0.75kW motors, requires 10-15 Amps
Power upgrade, 4 x 2.2kW motors, requires 32 Amps
High strength structural steel
Quality coatings for corrosion protection
Hydraulic cylinders with integrated counter balance valves for complete load holding safety
Remote emergency stop and two channel Safety Related Electrical Control System (SRECS) with PLd safety rating
Operating Temperature
-10°C to +40°C (14°F to 104°F)
Upgrades available to increase high / low temp limits

Certified design

CE certified and designed to EN 1494:2000+A1:2008.

Quality Engineering

Constructed with high strength steel and first class materials.

Performance tested

Proof-tested to 150% of working load limit prior to delivery.

Full training

Comprehensive videos and personalised training available.

Dedicated support

Dedicated customer support available from BISON and/or local suppliers.

5 year warranty

5 year warranty on structural components. Conditions apply.

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