Lifting Containers Just Got Easier

With the BISON P32, you can lift containers on and off chassis in any location.

Portable, safe and efficient, the P32 is easily moved between sites, sets up in minutes and lifts containers of all types and sizes up to 32 tonne (70,000 lb).

Ideal for locations where regular container handling equipment, cranes or forklifts are too big, heavy, or expensive or simply unavailable. The BISON P32 opens up new possibilities for container freight and logistics:

  • Ground containers in your factory or warehouse
  • Un/load containers in your own time
  • Avoid chassis detention and the cost of loading docks
  • Get containerised freight in and out of remote locations
  • Eliminate crane hire and lift service charges
  • Set up a new distribution model
  • Add a container lift service to your business offering

Watch It In Action

Portable, Cost Effective, Reliable

C Lift Remote Logistics Tile

Project Logistics & Military

Get containers in and out of remote locations. Ship with certainty. Avoid reliance on local infrastructure.

Construction Removals

Construction & Removals

Place full containers in better locations. Keep the container level. Easier un/loading at ground height.

Factory Loading Grounded Container Tile

Factories & Warehouses

Un/load containers on the ground, indoors or in tight spaces, at your convenience.


  • Lift Capacity

    System: 32,000 kg (70,000 lb)
    Per leg: 8,000 kg (17,600 lb)

  • Lifting Height

    1650 mm (65")

  • Clearances

    250 mm (10") between each leg and side of chassis
    500 mm (20") overall for reversing chassis between

  • Components

    4 x legs & attachment frames
    4 x double acting hydraulic cylinders with 305 mm (12”) stroke
    1 x custom hydraulic power unit
    8 x steel pins with safety locks
    4 x hydraulic hoses & fittings
    2 x extension hoses*
    4 x ratchet safety straps*

    * length to suit up to 40’ container, unless requested otherwise

  • Leg Weight

    130kg (290 lb)

  • Leg Dimensions

    2350mm x 450mm x 700 mm
    92” x 18” x 27”
    L x W x D

  • Construction

    High strength steel construction
    Zinc-plated and coated for maximum corrosion protection
    Double-acting hydraulic cylinders with integrated counter-balance valves for safety
    Abrasion resistant hoses

  • Shipping Details

    Core system is shipped on single pallet
    Dimensions: 1000mm x 2300mm x 600mm high (40” x 90” x 24”)
    Volume: circa. 1.4 m3
    Weight: circa. 440 kg (970 lb)
    HS Code: 8425.42

Multiple Transport Options

The BISON P32 is unique in its combination of lift capacity, portability and ease of transportation. It packs neatly on the back of a pickup or flat bed. Store it in belly lockers under your chassis. Or pack the C-Lift into your container for easy deployment at the destination. 

P32 Pick Up Truck

P32 Inside Container

P32 Under Container


  • What ground surfaces does the P32 work on?

    The ground surface must be solid and compacted. If you have any doubts, test the ground while lifting the container a small, safe, height.

  • How level does the ground have to be?

    The site should ideally be level (within about 2°), however the legs on the P32 can accommodate ground with a small degree of unevenness. If necessary, packing can be placed under the foot-plate to accommodate height differences at the corners of the container.

  • What container types and sizes does the P32 lift?

    The P32 can be used to lift any length of container; 10’, 20’, 40’, 48’, 53’ and even 60’. Contact BISON for extensions to the hydraulic hoses and safety straps for containers above 40’ in length.

  • Does it lift high cube containers?

    Yes, the P32 can lift 9’6” tall, high cube containers.

  • What is the lift capacity?

    The P32 has a rated lifting capacity of 32 tonne (70,000 lb).

  • How many people are needed to operate the P32?

    The P32 can be operated safely and efficiently by two trained operators. Many of the tasks (for example the set up) can be done more quickly if more people are available. It is possible for one person to operate the P32, but it would involve some heavy lifting and increases the time to complete a lift.

  • How long does it take to set up and lift or lower a container?

    It takes two trained operators about 10 minutes to set up the P32 and 15 to 20 minutes to lift a container to full height. This lift time involves a series of 4 - 5 steps, using BISON's patent pending lift and lock mechanism. Lowering a container from full height to the ground takes around 10 minutes.

  • Is the P32 safe?

    The P32 is entirely safe when the recommended operating procedures are followed. There is ample clearance between the legs for reversing the trailer. Having someone watching out for the driver while the truck reverses further mitigates the risk of the truck hitting the container or legs. The equipment is strong and robust, and has a number of features to enhance its safety. The hydraulic cylinders have an integrated counter balance valve for protection against hose burst. And the safety straps provide a safeguard for unexpected incidents.

  • Do I need any special training to operate the P32?

    For safety reasons, we recommend that only trained personnel use the P-32. BISON provides detailed user manuals and training videos. BISON also offers a free online training course, which guides attendees through a series of instructional activities and concludes with a test. A certificate is produced upon successful completion. More details about the online training course will follow.

  • How is the P32 powered?

    There are a wide range of options for powering the P32’s hydraulics system. The conventional approach is to run the hydraulic pump with electrical power. The electrical power source can be a nearby mains supply, or a portable generator. Electrical power can also be taken from the truck batteries, using an inverter to convert the DC power to AC. Alternatively, the hydraulic pump can be run directly from a petrol or diesel engine, or from compressed air. A manually operated hand-pump is also an option, but is better suited for lowering a container than lifting, due to the time and effort required. Contact BISON to discuss the power options that best suit your application.

  • Can I run the P32 off my truck's power take off (PTO)?

    If your truck has a hydraulic pump mounted to the PTO, it may be possible to drive the P32’s hydraulic system with this. Contact BISON or your local hydraulics service agent for more information.

  • Can I use a mains power supply?

    The hydraulic power unit can be run from the mains electrical supply. Hydraulic pump options are available for 230 VAC and 115 VAC.

  • I don't have electric power. Is there a manual option?

    A manually operated hand-pump is also an option, but is better suited for lowering a container than lifting, due to the time and effort required. Contact BISON to discuss the options that best suit your application.

  • How much does each leg weigh?

    Each leg weighs 90 kg (200 lb). This includes the sliding attachment frame which attaches to the container and weighs about 40 kg (88 lb). It is recommended that the attachment frame is lifted by two people. Each leg has a wheeled based and is easily moved around a site by one person.

  • How high is the container elevated?

    The P32 can lift the container to a maximum height of 165 cm (65 inches). Taller lifting legs can be manufactured and supplied on special request.

  • What is the gap between each leg and the chassis?

    There is a 25 cm (10 inch) gap between the side of the container and the adjacent leg. That is 50 cm (or 20 inches) overall.

  • Can I rent a set?

    This depends on where your business and operations are located. Contact BISON to ask if a rental set can be made available in your region.

  • What maintenance is required?

    The mechanical hardware is designed to be tough and durable, and requires very little maintenance. The sliding carrier is coated with a tough coating, and other metallic parts are zinc-plated (silver) for corrosion protection. The hydraulic system should be maintained as per standard practice. Hydraulic seals should be replaced when there are signs of leakage, and hydraulic fluid should be replaced or filtered. The hydraulic hoses may need to be replaced if they are damaged. (For example, if they are driven over with a vehicle.) This maintenance can be performed by your local hydraulics service agent. The bushings in the four rollers may need to be replaced every 3 - 5 years. These are relatively low cost parts, can be ordered from BISON and are easily installed.

  • What is the expected life cycle?

    The design life is 10 years. Provided the equipment is well looked after and properly maintained, it will deliver many years of service.

Lift Containers Anywhere, Anytime

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