Streamlines equipment staging

No more heavy lift contractors

Gains independence & control

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Introducing HPA

Hydroprocessing Associates (HPA) is a "one-stop-shop" for safe and efficient reactor turn arounds, providing a full range of catalyst handling, reactor, mechanical and cleaning services to the oil and petrochemical industry.

With a reputation for safety, quality and innovation, and a fleet of specialist equipment deployed into refineries across the United States and beyond, HPA USA demands the best from its equipment suppliers. 

HPA's Challenge

In 2019, HPA acquired a containerized KOKS EcoVac Loader.

Deploying containerised assets such as this into refineries is a serious challenge, involving the identification and engagement of third party contractors, specification of suitable lift equipment, equipment safety inspections, extra logistics and an overall inefficiency that the HPA team wished to eliminate.

HPA's Solution

HPA solved this challenge by bringing container handling in-house. After looking at different options, HPA chose the BISON C-Lift A32, valuing its compact footprint, relative to its 70,000 lb lift capacity.

By adopting a BISON C-Lift, HPA now have complete independence and control over where, when and how they deploy the EcoVac and other containerised assets into refineries. There is now no need to rely on third party crane or heavy forklift contractors.

In the words of HPA's Global Asset Manager, Marcus Oliver:

"What I see being the biggest benefit for us having the BISON Jacks is the ability to be self supportive in the refineries in which we work. There are certain times it takes 2 - 3 days to stage equipment and assets and a lot of manpower, whereas we can go in there with just a few guys and the BISON Jacks, unload our equipment and get out of the way of the other contractors." 


With the C-Lift A32, HPA describes itself as "smarter and leaner".

They are now "self supportive" in facilities that don't have the assets to pick up or move their containerised units. 

For their busy asset manager, not having to coordinate third party contractors to handle their containerised equipment out at site, means he can spend more time in the workshop and the field, rather than behind the desk generating paperwork. 

“I would recommend the Jacks to be hands down the best we have used so far.”

- Marcus Oliver, Global Asset Manager - HPA

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