Fast & Independent Container Deployment

Give your container legs with the C-Lift T Series. The T Series bolts securely to any ISO container, folding back and locking securely in place for transport. To deploy, it takes just one person to swing the legs into position and transfer the container between your trailer and the ground. The T Series is the perfect solution for self sufficiency and mobility.

  • Battery powered
  • 10 and 30 tonne capacity models
  • Retrofits to all ISO container types & sizes
  • Easy to transfer between different containers
  • Works on rough and uneven ground

Watch it in Action

T Series Specifications

Models & lift capacity
C-Lift T10 - 10,000 kg (22,000 lb)
C-Lift T30 - 30,000 kg (66,000 lb)
Standard components
4 x steel legs with double acting hydraulic cylinders
1 x hydraulic power unit
1 x hand-held control unit
Assorted hydraulic hoses & fittings
Lifting Height
165 cm (65 in)
Leg weight
T10 - 220 kg (480 lb)
T30 - 260 kg (572 lb)
Reversing Clearance
25 cm (10 in) clearance each side
50 cm (20 in) total
Minimum operators
High strength steel
Quality zinc coating for corrosion protection
Hydraulic cylinders with integrated counter balance valves
Articulated foot plates for uneven ground surfaces
Hydraulic Power Unit
Battery powered
24 VDC, 50 Amps
AC powered options available
Container Compatibility
Retrofit to all ISO container types & sizes
Standard model fits to standard height (8’6”) containers
High-cube version available on request

Certified design

CE certified and designed to EN 1494:2000+A1:2008.

Quality Engineering

Constructed with high strength steel and first class materials.

Performance tested

Proof-tested to 150% of working load limit prior to delivery.

Full training

Comprehensive videos and personalised training available.

Dedicated support

Dedicated customer support available from BISON and/or local suppliers.

5 year warranty

5 year warranty on structural components. Conditions apply.


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