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4060 M10 1920x700 Bison M10 Container Lifting Solutions
Bison M Series

A Cost-Effective Way To Offload ISO Containers

From Any Truck Chassis

Bison Group

26 Oct 3 Minutes


Offloading Shipping Containers, With Ease.

Getting shipping containers off the truck and onto the ground can be a challenge. Containers are bulky and awkward to handle without the right equipment, and truck-mounted cranes, forklifts, tilt-bed trailers and the like don’t come cheap. However, the C-Lift M Series from Bison takes a surprisingly straightforward approach that is very cost-effective in comparison.

The M Series consists of four sturdy, lightweight frames, with chain hoists that hook onto the corners of the container. The container is hoisted up to allow the truck to drive out, and the container is lowered to the ground. Manual chain hoists might seem like hard work to some, but their low gearing makes it easy. A team of four can ground a container from trailer height in under 10 minutes. Lifting a container back onto a truck is equally straightforward. Once the container is hoisted above deck height, there is ample clearance between the frames for the truck to reverse through. No power source is required and there’s not much that can break down or go wrong.

Lifting and lowering the container is just one part of the job. The M Series disassembles into a compact unit for transport on a pickup or small trailer, and is quickly reassembled with just a few bolts. Once assembled the M Series can be moved around the site on wheels.

The M Series can be used safely on a wide variety of ground surfaces. The tripod base forms a stable foundation when the ground is uneven, and plates are large enough for the Bison M Series to work on soft ground.

The equipment is not just restricted to lifting containers. The chain hoists can be hooked onto a pair of lifting beams, and the beams can be used to lift accommodation modules or other large, bulky items in the same way.

Whether it's an import or export container, or your dream container home being delivered to site, the M Series is simple and low tech, but effective. If the goal is to just get the job done, the C-Lift M Series is the tool for the job.

To learn more, get in touch with our expert team today, to see how a Bison C-Lift M Series could drastically change the way you work.