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The World's Most Accurate Shipping Container VGM

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6 Jul 3 Minutes


World's Most Accurate Container VGM
Our Experience

Since dispatching the first container load of Bison Container Scales to Rotterdam, Europe, in 2016, Bison has been providing critical weight data to logistics operators and businesses worldwide.

Distributors worldwide face many headaches and speedbumps when shifting and transferring relevant shipment data to their forwarders. However, the Bison VGM App simplifies and streamlines this process using an intelligent, worldwide cloud network.

Five years on from our first shipment of Container Scales, many still don't know the power of our software, and we think that needs to change.

VGM Certificate Screenshot

Bison Container Jacks allowed us to check and record the container's load distribution, using the Bison VGM App. We also used the app to take photos of the container and seal during the loading, sealing and weighing process. These images are held in a single electronic record with the VGM Certificate and serve as a good record of compliance and cargo contents.

When the container was collected, we decided to run it over a certified weighbridge to compare the weight and process. The weigh bridge gave a result of 12,230 kg, with a charge of $65. The variation of 80kg (< 0.7%) indicates both weighing methods are accurate; although the accuracy of a weighbridge VGM always depends on how careful the trucking company is in registering a truck's tare weight and accounting for variables such as the fuel and driver.

Weight Distribution Bison App

From a cost perspective, at $65 per weigh, a weighbridge might make sense for shippers making occasional shipments. But for shippers dispatching 2+ containers per week, the return on investment makes owning your own container scales a seriously competitive option. The higher the weighbridge fees and container volume, the more compelling this becomes. Our latest customer will get payback on his Bison Container Scales in only 22 weeks!

Economics aside, it was really beneficial knowing the weight before the container was picked up. It allowed us to advise our forwarder, who was then able to send a suitable truck and trailer to collect the container. It also meant that the VGM was pushed into the terminal booking system well before the container reached the gates.

Not only was the process smooth and efficient, but it reinforced the accuracy and convenience of Bison's container weighing and SOLAS VGM solutions.