When the new SOLAS VGM rules were introduced in mid-2016, the priority of many shippers was to simply adopt a compliant container weighing solution and keep goods moving. There was much uncertainty around how the rules would be interpreted and enforced, the range of container weighing solutions was limited, and in many cases the systems adopted by shippers to weigh containers was not the most cost effective or efficient.

Nearly a year on from the rule change, examples of inefficient and non-compliant container weighing practices abound. Many shippers are wasting valuable time weighing individual cargo items and calculating the VGM. Others are paying high fees to have containers hauled to an offsite weighbridge.

Against this background, a range of new certified container weighing hardware and software solutions have emerged to help shippers and logistics firms meet the VGM rules. From on-demand weighing services, through to portable container scales that allow shippers to weigh containers and capture other valuable information at the pack point.

So, now is as good a time as any for shippers to think about what it’s truly costing them to verify container weights, how compliant are they with the rules and what options are available to them now.

To help shippers and logistics firms do this, BISON has published an e-Book profiling the full range of solutions available for weighing laden containers outside of ports and terminals. 

Weighing Options e-Book

The e-Book profiles 7 different options in the market. It includes a useful 1-page comparison table and then digs deeper into each option, covering: 

  • A description of the container weighing option
  • Defining where the solution fits into the logistics chain
  • A detailed analysis of the pros & cons of each option

Aimed at shippers, forwarders, carriers, packers and consolidators, this new e-Book is an essential guide to any party in the container transport chain who wants to be aware of the different options available for efficient container weight management and SOLAS VGM compliance.

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